Always Wanted a Stone House? Now it’s Within Your Grasp

Always Wanted a Stone House? Fake It.

Have you always wished you could have a house built from stone? They are beautiful and solid looking. But your house is wood frame with pressed wood siding. It looked beautiful when you bought it but now the siding doesn’t look nearly as nice, not even after it has been freshly painted.

You know you need to live your house and might think your options are limited to aluminum or vinyl siding. You would be wrong in thinking that. There are other options, including faux stone siding that would give the impression your house is built of stone. You could have the best of both worlds – the look of stone without the cost. Check with an Omaha siding company to learn what options are available in this type of siding.

You have many types of stone look siding to choose from. If you like the look of stone gathered from the field and used to build a house, you can have that look. Maybe you prefer the look of hewn stone. That is also a choice. It will no doubt take longer to decide which stone look you want than it did to decide on faux stone siding.

The siding Omaha residents and businesses choose varies a great deal so chances are good that the siding you choose will be different than anyone else’s in your area. Your house will stand out and might even become a landmark if you live on the corner of your street. Can you imagine people saying “Go one block past the stone house on the right and then turn left”?

When you talk to your Omaha siding company about installing faux stone siding panels on your house, ask about insulated sheathing as well. While you are making your home more beautiful on the outside, might as well make if cozier on the inside while you are at it. It will add to the cost of residing but will save on heating and cooling costs in the long run.

A big advantage with the siding you choose is the low maintenance. It will never need to be painted. Cleaning is easy as you can just hose it off and it will look great. The stone look won’t show the dirt and grime like many other types of siding anyway. Won’t that be nice!

Your new siding will be installed by skilled professionals so your home will look wonderful in a short amount of time. You will almost feel as though you have a new house. You will believe that of all the siding Omaha residents have on their homes, yours is the best. That is the whole idea of choosing the siding that comes the closest to the stone you have always wanted.


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