Stone Coated Steel Roofing

What is Stone Coated Steel Roofing and is It Right for Your Home?

Looking for upscale style and sophistication? Trying stone coated steel roofing for your home can help you accomplish the goal. The material has a special charm and appeal that cannot be replicated. Customization opportunities are available, as well, making stone coated steel roofs perfect for nearly every home.

What is Stone Coated Steel Roofing?

This type of roofing Omaha is made from steel, as the name suggests, and coated with stone chips. Most often, a thin acrylic film is used to adhere the stone chips to the steel structure.

Stone coated steel roofing is relatively lightweight, yet very durable. This is especially true for the one installed by highly experienced roofers Omaha.

The type of roofing dates back to the end of World War II. The materials offered sufficient protection from damage and the stone pieces were the perfect camouflage used against potential attacks.

Durability and Lightness

This type of roofing Omaha is characterized by both lightness and durability. According to professional reports, stone coated steel roofing has weight of approximately 1.5 pounds per one square foot of material.

The roof can resist harsh environmental influences like wind, rain and snow. Horizontal fastening is very typical for this roofing and it prevents parts of the roof from being pulled out and lifted by strong winds. High quality stone coated steel roofing products come with warranty of up to 50 years.

Great Appearance and Flexibility

Talking to roofers Omaha about your needs and preferences will help you pick the right roofing material and the customization possibilities.

Stone coated steel roofing is perfect for customization purposes. There are many different colors to choose among and the roofing comes in the form of tiles, shingles and shake roofing shingles.


This is a great roofing material that you can pick, if you are concerned about sustainability and the environment.

Steel is probably the most easy to recycle construction material. Many companies sell stone coated steel roofing that is manufactured from recycled steel. Read labels and look for online information, if you are interested in this variety.

Additionally, the longevity of the materials decreases the amount of construction waste produced by households. Landfills are full of billions of pounds of old roofing materials. By going for a long-lived variety, you will be contributing to lower amounts of needless waste.

Take some time to explore options and to compare roofing materials side by side. Understanding a little bit more about the characteristics will help you invest wisely and create the perfect living conditions for yourself and your family.

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