Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood siding is a wood and resin composite material. Strands or fibers of wood are coated with wax to make them resistant to water. Binders are added, and the material is heat-pressed for structural strength and density.

Engineered wood siding offers the appeal of appearing like real cedar, with the added durability and weather resistance that comes with a highly engineered wood-looking product.

Watch the video to learn how engineered wood siding is made.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Siding

  1. Environmentally Friendly

    Most products are made from recycled wood and wood waste, so it is a green building material.

  2. Less Expensive

    It is a lot cheaper than hardwood, and even cheaper than vinyl siding. In addition, it tends to have a consistent smooth appearance so it will look great.

  3. Outer Resin Layer

    During production, engineered wood siding receives an additional chemical compound that helps it withstand mold, mildew, decay and insect infestation. These chemical resins coat the surfaces of the siding to form a tight and impenetrable layer.

  4. Maintenance Free

    It may be necessary to wash the exterior of your home once a year with a power washer, but this should be the only maintenance work you must perform to keep the siding looking attractive and staying in good condition.

  5. Durability

    Engineered wood siding will not split, crack or warp after installation and the production process also avoids knots in the wood surface. Engineered wood siding will even withstand hail and other weather damage, maintaining a strong exterior on a home.

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