Honest Deck Builders in Lincoln, NE

Decks Get deck builder services with a certified company in BBB, Angies List, and Home Advisor all in one. Premier Exteriors has been doing business since 1991 providing homeowners with beautiful deck designs and functions that appeal to any family in Lincoln, NE. With over 150 customer reviews throughout the state, it’s no wonder everyone is choosing our company. You get quality, trust, and craftsmanship with any material we use.

Where We Bring New Decks to the Modern Age

Decking has been around for decades- all improving in the various aspects of designs and alterations in flow. While this has changed over the years our company focuses not only on the creative process, but the materials that suit modern families in the modern age. Traditional wood, though beautiful, can be hard for any homeowner to keep up with. It requires maintenance from time to time which may not be suiting for your family. It’s one of our exceptionally gorgeous decking materials, and if you have the time we highly recommend it.

In most cases PVC is the better choice for busy lifestyles- and while it still has great appeal in more color selections than any other material, it can’t quite beat traditional wood. However, it does offer more design fluctuation with the different imitation textures in the market.

Both materials offer benefits for the modern family. Finding the best one will be something we should sit down and discuss.

What About Having The Best Of Both Worlds?

There is another material we use: composite decking. This is an excellent choice if you want the best of both traditional and PVC. Composite allows natural textures and color of real wood while still being partially artificial with less maintenance. The other benefit is this material is at least 90% eco-friendly, being the ‘green’ alternative for modern decking.

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